Article should comply with the following guidelines


Authors should electronically submit a copy of their manuscript to the Editor-in-chief at: or Click Here to Submit Your Manuscript . File format should be Words MS and must be PC compatible. Manuscripts should not ordinary exceed 30 double-spaced pages with margins of one inch on top, bottom, left and right. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the format prescribed by the American Psychological Association. For details see the Publication Manual of the APA. Once accepted, authors are asked to provide a final hard and soft copy, which cannot be altered at proof stage.

Anonymous review

All manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously. Authors are therefore expected to send manuscripts with the first page containing the title, name(s), contact information and affiliation. The second page should contain the title of the article and abstract, with the rest of the manuscript beginning with the introduction.


The title should be concise and supplied on a separate sheet of the manuscript. A short title of no more than 40 characters (including spaces) should be supplied.


An abstract of 150 – 250 words in English language should precede the article. This will be translated into French language by the Editorial Board.

Key words

All articles should contain key words. Not more than 6 key words should be submitted.

Main body of manuscript

Authors are advised to acknowledge all sources of information. They should follow the APA version 6 format in both in-text citation and references. In this context therefore:

  • Long quotations more than forty words (40) should be indented and flushed to the right hand-side of the page.
  • In works with more than two authors, all the authors should be acknowledged in the first citation, and in subsequent citations, only the lead author is cited followed with the word et al, and the year of publication.
  • Authors should define and/or explain all acronyms before they are cited.
  • All in-text citations should be properly acknowledged at the references section.
  • Double spacing should be maintained throughout the work.
  • Font should be Times New Roman, 12 point.

Tables and Figures

All tables and figures should be supplied and properly labeled. Figures should be supplied as high quality, and any lettering or line work and maps should be able to sustain reduction to the final size of reproduction. Tints or complex shadings should be avoided and colours should not be used.